Banks Wins Democratic Nomination for Property Assessor

February 5, 2008
Dwayne Page

Incumbent DeKalb County Property Assessor, Timothy "Fud" Banks, won the Democratic nomination Tuesday easily beating both challengers, Roy Merriman and Willie Thomas.

Banks received a total of 1,922 votes (66.2%) and won 15 out of 16 precincts along with a majority of the early votes and absentees. Merriman carried only one precinct (Rock Castle) and finished second with 625 votes (21.5%) while Thomas placed third with 356 votes(12.2%).

A total of 4,507 people voted in the Primaries for a turnout of 35.04% including 3,206 on election day, 1,294 early voters and absentees, and seven provisional voters.

The following is a break down of the votes by precinct:

Alexandria: Banks- 86, Merriman 47, and Thomas 35

Belk: Banks- 64, Merriman 26, Thomas 14

Blue Springs: Banks- 78, Merriman 25, and Thomas 9

Cherry Hill: Banks- 12, Merriman 7, Thomas 2

Church of Christ Annex: Banks- 155, Merriman 60, Thomas 25

Courthouse: Banks- 156, Merriman 48, Thomas 28

Dowelltown: Banks- 52, Merriman 22, Thomas 9

Edgar Evins State Park: Banks- 6, Merriman 2, Thomas 1

Elementary School: Banks- 163, Merriman 59, Thomas 16

Johnson's Chapel: Banks- 39, Merriman 10, Thomas 8

Keltonburg: Banks- 90, Merriman 31, Thomas 9

Liberty: Banks- 53, Merriman 25, Thomas 15

Middle School: Banks- 155, Merriman 41, Thomas 33

Rock Castle: Merriman- 18, Banks 8, Thomas 5

Snow Hill: Banks- 72, Merriman 20, Thomas 10

Temperance Hall: Banks- 45, Thomas 19, Merriman 13

Absentee (paper ballots): Banks- 30, Thomas 12, Merriman 2

Early Voting: Banks- 658, Merriman 169, Thomas 106

Banks will face Republican nominee, John David Foutch, and Independent, Sandy C. Brown, in the August General Election.

Meanwhile, Johnny King defeated Mary Ann Thomason in the seventh district constable race King received 178 votes (58.9%) to Thomason's 124 votes (41.1%). King had 102 votes at the Church of Christ Annex and 70 early votes and 6 absentees. Thomason collected 66 votes at the Annex and 54 early votes and 4 absentees.

The other four constable candidates were unopposed. Their complimentary vote totals are as follows:Third District Incumbent Wayne Vanderpool- 230 votes; Fourth District Nominee Paul Cantrell- 268; Fifth District Incumbent Mark Milam- 289; and Sixth District Nominee Cantrell Jones- 310

In the Presidential Preference Primary, Hillary Clinton carried DeKalb County by a wide margin over Barack Obama on the Democratic side, while Mike Huckabee edged out fellow candidates, John McCain and Mitt Romney, among DeKalb County Republican voters. Clinton received 2,410 votes in DeKalb County to Obama's 347. Other Democratic candidates on the ballot and their totals include John Edwards 272, Bill Richardson 10, Joe Biden 7, Dennis Kucinich 6, Mike Gravel 4, Chris Dodd 1 and 31 Uncommitted.

Clinton easily carried all sixteen precincts in DeKalb County and had a majority of the early votes and absentees.

Huckabee garnered 573 votes in the Republican primary, McCain had 399, while Romney received 267 DeKalb County votes. Other GOP candidates and their vote totals include Ron Paul 63, Fred Thompson 30, Rudy Giuliani 7, Duncan Hunter 4, Alan Keyes 1, and 4 Uncommitted.

Huckabee carried 13 of 16 precincts and tied Romney with 10 votes each at Cherry Hill. Romney and McCain tied with 7 votes each to carry Edgar Evins State Park and they tied with 21 votes each to carry Rock Castle. Huckabee also had more early votes than his opponents.

Be sure to check out precinct-by-precinct numbers on our special election page. Find the "Election Night Results" link on the left side of our homepage for the breakdown.

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