Bain and Weaver Win Primary Nominations in State Representative Race

August 7, 2008
Dwayne Page
Cleveland Derrick Bain
Terri Lynn Weaver

Democrat Cleveland Derrick Bain and Republican Terri Lynn Weaver won their party's nominations for State Representative in Thursday's Tennessee Primaries.

Weaver swept all three counties, DeKalb, Macon, and Smith, easily beating challenger Nicky Rittenberry for the GOP nomination 2,020 to 547.

Bain did not carry either of the three counties in his primary race, but finished a strong second place in both DeKalb and Smith Counties, and came in third place in Macon County. His total vote in the three counties combined put him on top, beating out Dean Sircy by 135 votes, 1,200 to 1,065.

Gayla Hendrix carried DeKalb County with 696 votes. Sarah Marie Smith won her home county, Smith County with 673 votes, and Sircy carried his home county, Macon County with 729 votes.

District wide, Sarah Marie Smith finished third with 914 votes, while Gayla Hendrix received 900 votes with a fourth place finish.

In DeKalb County Hendrix carried 11 of the 16 precincts in the Democratic Primary along with early voting/absentees, Bain carried three precincts, Smith carried one and Steven Cantrell carried one precinct. In the GOP race, Weaver carried all 16 DeKalb County precincts along with early voting/absentees. Click on to view the precinct by precinct results for each candidate.

The following are the county by county results for Bain:

DeKalb -540
Smith-- 525
Macon- 135
TOTAL- 1,200

Results for Sircy:

DeKalb- 88
Smith- 248
Macon- 729
Total- 1,065

Results for Smith:
DeKalb- 78
Total- 914

Results for Hendrix:

DeKalb- 696
Smith- 168
Macon- 36
Total- 900

Results for Steven K. Cantrell:

DeKalb- 78
Smith-- 44
Macon- 16
Total- 138

Results for Carl (Hix) Jones:

DeKalb- 3
Smith- 15
Macon- 87
Total- 105

Results for Jeff Barrett:

DeKalb- 43
Smith- 28
Macon- 13
Total- 84

The following arre the county by county results for Weaver:

DeKalb- 456
Smith- 816
Total- 2,020

Results for Rittenberry:

DeKalb- 29
Smith- 76
Macon- 442
Total 547

Bain, Weaver, and Independent candidate Ray Amalfitano of Dixon Springs will square off in the November General Election for the 40th State House seat, which is being vacated by the retiring Frank Buck.

Meanwhile in U.S. Senate Democratic Primary, Mark E. Clayton carried DeKalb County with 277 votes followed by Robert D. Tuke with 211, Gary G. Davis 201, WM Mike Padgett 74, Kenneth Eaton 73, and Leonard D. Ladner with 20 votes.

Sixth District Congressman Bart Gordon was unopposed Thursday in the Democratic Primary and received 1,148 complimentary votes in DeKalb County. He will also be unopposed in November.

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander, also unopposed in the Republican Primary Thursday, received 419 complimentary votes in DeKalb County. He will face the Democratic nominee, Robert D. Tuke in November.

On the retention of state judges, the following are the results in DeKalb County:

Supreme Court Judge William Koch:
Yes- 721, No- 406

Supreme Court Judge Gary Wade:
Yes- 665, No- 394

Court of Appeals Judge Andy Bennett:
Yes- 674, No- 371

Court of Appeals Judge Richard Dinkins:
Yes- 647, No 388

Court of Appeals Judge Steve Stafford:
Yes- 668, No- 393

Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Camille McMullen:
Yes- 670, No- 373

Court of Criminal Appeals Judge D. Kelly Thomas:
Yes- 669, No-367

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