Smithville Police Make Seven Arrests In Recent Drug Investigations

January 18, 2007
Dwayne Page

Smithville Police have arrested numerous individuals in a recent drug sting targeting the sale and distribution of illegal prescription narcotics in the City of Smithville.

Chief Thomas J. Stufano says law enforcement agencies, Drug Enforcement Administration, and medical professionals in DeKalb County have recognized a growing pattern in the type of illegal drugs being bought and sold in Middle Tennessee. Investigators in both the city and county are identifying a high incidence of this type of drug activity due to the large availability of unauthorized use of prescription drugs.

Stufano says \"In sweeping drug arrests starting on Tuesday January 16th , two different investigations resulted in the arrest of 25 year old Andrea Nickole Bass of 732 Gentry Avenue and Patsy Estes McCoy of 862 Highland Drive. The two were arrested after Smithville Police Detectives, operating in an undercover capacity, witnessed the transaction of narcotics between the two females. Upon arresting the women, Estes swallowed a pill she had, apparently thinking she could avoid prosecution. Officers recovered a large amount of illegal pills known as K-4 Dilaudid and cash was seized. Bass was charged with Sale and Distribution of Narcotics. She is under a $25,000 bond. Estes was also charged with Sale and Distribution with an additional charge of Tampering with Evidence. Her bond was set at $35,000. Both were transported the DeKalb County Jail.\"

Chief Stufano says \"A second operation resulted in the arrests of 28 year old Matthew Justin Daniel of 427 Hurricane Road and Bonnie Lou Stembridge of 223 Adams Street. The two were charged with Sale and Distribution of Narcotics (K-4 Dilaudid). The monitored transaction occurred outside of the Stembridge residence. Detectives had received information that illegal narcotics were consistently being sold by Stembridge and that Daniel was her supplier. At the time of her arrest Stembridge swallowed a pill she had received from Daniel for her part in the transaction. A large amount of narcotics, cash, and a vehicle were confiscated from Daniel under the State's Drug Seizure Law. Both were transported the DeKalb County Jail and charged with Sale and Distribution of Narcotics. Bond for each was set at $25,000 bond. Stembridge was also charged with Tampering with Evidence. Her bond on that charge was $10, 000.\"

On Wednesday January 17th the continued undercover operations netted a father and son for the Sale and Delivery of Narcotics. Chief Stufano says 58 year old Harold Blackwell and Russell Blackwell sold a large quantity of prescription drugs to an Undercover Officer. \"The exchange took place in the parking lot of a local medical facility. It was discovered at a later date that Russell Blackwell ingested 20-40 pills of Xanax and Morphine just prior to officers arresting him to avoid prosecution. The younger Blackwell was being held at the DeKalb County Jail when an alert Corrections Officer noticed Blackwell acting strangely. Upon questioning him , Blackwell made the admission. He was immediately transported under Police protection to the hospital where he was admitted overnight. He was released and then transported back to the County Jail on Thursday morning. Both have been charged with Sale & Delivery of Narcotics and their bond is $25,000 each. Russell Blackwell was also charged with Tampering with Evidence to avoid prosecution. His bond on that charge is $10,000. The Smithville Police also seized the Blackwell vehicle, a large cache of K-4 Dilaudid and cash in accordance with the Drug Seizure Law.\"

Later Wednesday evening Smithville Police Detectives again setup an operation using an Undercover Officer. Chief Stufano says 34 year old Katherine Michelle Carr of 207 Poplar Lane was arrested for Sale and Delivery of Narcotics, Possession of illegal Schedule II and III Narcotics and Possession of a Prohibited Weapon. \"Carr had arranged a meeting at a local gas station located on the corner of Highway 56 and Highway 70. Once the exchange of money and drugs took place, Investigators were able to make the arrests without incident. A search of the vehicle and her person disclosed a large amount of drugs including K-4 Dilaudid, Xanax, Hydrocodone, Percocet, and Somas along with cash. Carr's vehicle was also seized under the State's Drug Seizure Act. Carr was transported to the DeKalb County Jail. Her bond was set at $80,000. Carr listed her occupation as a Certified Nursing Technician caring for the elderly at a temporary Nursing agency in Tullahoma.\"

Smithville Police are committed to actively investigating all illegal drug activity in the city and wishes to express their appreciation to our partnering agencies and citizens for their continued help. If you have information about these types of crimes please contact the Smithville Police Department.

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