Smithville Police Arrest Five People On Drug Charges

December 27, 2006
Dwayne Page

Five people were arrested Tuesday by the Smithville Police Department on drug charges

Chief Thomas J. Stufano says these persons, 55 year old John Braswell, 53 year old Bobby Brymer, 51 year old Michael Pack, 41 year old Vickie Dornes Marsh, and 23 year old Bradley Ferrell are accused of dealing in drugs at 208 Dearman Street in Smithville.

According to Chief Stufano, \"The house had been under surveillance for over a week due to complaints that illegal activity was occurring during all hours of the day. Drivers would consistently stop by the house, pull in the driveway, and then leave 2-3 minutes later after interacting with individuals in the house or driveway. For almost a week police officers counted over 70 cars stopping by the residence. Smithville Police raided the residence after sufficient information was obtained via a variety of investigative sources and arrested Braswell, the owner of the residence. He has been charged with sale and delivery of schedule II narcotics, sale and delivery of legend drugs and possession of paraphernalia (syringes). Braswell is already under House Arrest for the same type of crime. His bond is set at $105,000. Smithville Police are also working with Probation and Parole and the State Comptroller's Office to seize the residence under the State's Drug Forfeiture Act.\"

Brymer, who has the same address as Braswell, was arrested for sale and delivery of a schedule II narcotic.

Chief Stufano says \"Brymer's role in the sale and distribution of the illegal narcotics was to contact the buyer, collect the money, and return all proceeds back over to Braswell. His bond was set at $50,000. Brymer had just sold a schedule II narcotic to Michael Pack of 306 Bell Street in Smithville for $30.00. The money was recovered on Braswell. Pack was arrested for sale and delivery of a scheduled II narcotic as he negotiated the buy for an unknown female and was to get half of the narcotic for his payment. Bond was set at $50,000.\"

As undercover police were at the residence making the arrests, Chief Stufano says a female came to the front door wanting to purchase narcotics. An undercover detective took his police jacket off and contacted the female who wanted to negotiate a drug deal. The detective also saw a syringe sticking out of the female's jacket pocket. Police arrested the female, Vickie Dornes Marsh of 200 Green Acres Drive in Smithville and charged her with possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia. Her bond is set at $2,500

A fifth party arrested at the scene was Bradley Ferrell of 708 South Mountain Street in Smithville. He is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Chief Stufano says \"Ferrell attempted to throw a syringe under a vehicle when police ordered him to keep his hands in plain sight\". His bond was set at $2,500.

Chief Stufano says \"In checking with Probation and Parole all of the arrested parties are currently on Supervised Probation for similar drug offenses. The Smithville Police Department in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies and our citizens are committed to actively investigating all drug activities in the City. Our partnerships have afforded the citizens increased protection against these types of illegal enterprises and with continued citizen support illegal narcotics sales in our neighborhoods will stop\".

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