Mayor and Aldermen to Consider Lifting Ban on Sales of Fireworks in City

October 2, 2007
Dwayne Page

Should fireworks be sold inside the city limits of Smithville?

Jewel Redmon, owner and operator of Jewel's Market on South Congress Boulevard came before the Smithville Mayor and Board of Aldermen Monday night asking that the ordinance be changed to allow for the sale of fireworks inside the city, at least seasonally.

Redmon says it isn't fair to keep Smithville businesses from selling them. "I'm not asking for more than anyone else. It seems like some people have an exclusive . Why not let everybody have a shot at it. You don't get rich from it and it won't make you or break you, but I think everybody should have a right to sell them if they want to. I'm one foot from the county line and I'll follow the rules like the others do."

Smithville Fire Chief Charlie Parker was asked by Mayor Taft Hendrixson to comment on the proposal. Parker says the decision is for the Mayor and Aldermen to make, but they should keep in mind that some rules and regulations would have to be established, if they decided to change the ordinance, such as whether the fireworks are to be sold from permanent structures or tents, how much inventory could be stored, etc. Parker says it's a little more than a simple yes or no answer.

The existing ordinance prohibits sales of fireworks in the city limits. Fireworks apparently can be discharged anywhere in the city except in the central business district.

The city board has deferred action on Redmon's request until City Attorney John Pryor can do some more research on available options, such as what types of restrictions to place on the sale of fireworks, whether they are to be sold out of tents or permanent structures, and whether they should only be sold seasonally, etc.

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