DeKalb County Jail & Annex Meet Standards For Re-Certification

May 25, 2006
Dwayne Page

Sheriff Lloyd Emmons says he is pleased to announce that the DeKalb County Jail and the Jail Annex have both met standards for re-certification by the Tennessee Corrections Institute

In letters to Sheriff Emmons, Jerry Abston, Executive Director of the Tennessee Corrections Institute, based on an inspectors report, wrote that \" The DeKalb County Jail is an older facility, but the officers are doing a fine job in keeping the facility clean as evidenced by my walk-through. I noticed the cell areas were clean, the kitchen was in order with knives stored and locked up when not in use. The medical section had a good medical receipt system. The logs and record keeping showed no standards violations. I recommend continued certification of this facility.\"

As for the jail annex, Abston wrote,based on an inspectors report that \" The facility was clean during my walk through. I observed cell areas, the kitchen, and the medical section of the Annex. All of these areas appeared to be in order with no apparent standards violations. I recommend continued certification of this Annex.\"

Sheriff Emmons says he is pleased the jail has been re-certified and gave his jail administrator and staff much of the credit, \" Jail Administrator Kenneth Ray and staff have done an excellent job with the jail. I depend on Kenneth to keep things running over there and I have to give him and his staff a lot of credit.\"

Emmons found the Jail Annex was de-certified when he became sheriff but he worked to get both the annex and the older jail facility certified during his first year in office. The jail and annex have been re-certified each year since.

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