Cookeville Woman Accused of Shoplifting Found with Drugs

November 20, 2007
Dwayne Page

Smithville Police arrested a Cookeville woman on drug charges Saturday after answering a shoplifting complaint.

37 year old Lois Ann McCloud of 627 Rice Circle, Cookeville was charged with simple possession of a schedule IV controlled substance (xanax) and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. Her bond is $2,500 and she will appear in General Sessions Court on the charges December 6th.

The arrest warrant states that " Officer Matt Holmes responded to a shoplifting call at Gordon's Hardware and was advised that the subject had left. A description was given of the car and it was stopped at Wal-mart. Upon speaking to both subjects in the vehicle, they admitted to being at Gordon's Hardware but denied shoplifting anything. They also consented to a search."

Officer Holmes' report states that "I found a plastic bag in the passenger front floor board that contained needles and straws. Upon a search of McCloud, a black flash light was found down the front of her pants in a black container. When asked what it was, she stated that it was paraphernalia. The subject admitted she used the needles for shooting up morphine. Also a small key chain was found in Ms McCloud's left pocket containing two blue pills believed to be Xanax. Ms McCloud was arrested and transported to the Smithville Police Department. The male driver of the vehicle was arrested on an active warrant out of DeKalb County." His name was unavailable. The vehicle was towed.

A motorcycle rider, stopped for speeding, was found with drugs on Sunday.

25 year old Chauncey Lee Eanes IV of Laurel Avenue, Knoxville, was charged with resisting a stop, frisk, halt, arrest, and search along with simple possession of a schedule IV and VI controlled substance. He will be in court on the charges December 6th.

Officer Matt Holmes report states that "I observed a motorcycle traveling east bound on Highway 70 going through the traffic light at a high rate of speed, 82 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone. With lights and sirens activated, I followed the motorcycle for three miles before the stop. Upon speaking to Eanes, Holmes asked for a license, but Eanes did not have a motorcycle license endorsement. The cycle was to be towed due to no license. Before transporting, Holmes advised Eanes that he would have to search him before putting him in the police car but Eanes refused to a search of his person. At that point, Eanes was placed under arrest and transported to the Smithville Police Department. Upon inventory of Eanes personal belongings, the following items were discovered: a glass bottle that contained a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana and a small bag containing four and a half blue pills believed to be xanax.".

33 year old Eric Trent Johnson of Banks Pisgah Road, Smithville was charged with possession of a handgun while under the influence of alcohol and aggravated assault. His bond is set at $11,000 and his court date is December 6th.

The arrest warrant states that "Officer Craig Capps responded to a possible domestic involving a weapon at 318 Bell Street Apartments. Upon speaking to Curtis Lloyd, he states Johnson came to his residence intoxicated and pulled a gun on him and pointed it at him making him fear for his life. Johnson left the scene and officer Randy King stopped the subject, arrested him for DUI and found the weapon under the seat of the vehicle."

A 31 year old woman went missing from a residence on South Mountain Street Saturday.

Smithville Police Officer Matt Holmes, in his report, states that "On Sunday, I responded to 508 South Mountain Street on a missing person report. I met with Lila Garrell who advised me that Brandy Braydon was last seen at Sundance where she was employed. She left around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. Braydon was under a court order to stay at 508 South Mountain Street, which is a halfway house. Garrell advised me that on November 10th, Braydon failed a drug screen and thought she was going to jail." She remains missing.

Meanwhile, Officer Travis Bryant took a theft report at a residence on Bright Hill Road on Saturday.

In the report, Officer Bryant states that " Upon arrival, I spoke with Chris Braswell who advised me that his license plates had been stolen from his car and that a couple of months ago other items were taken including a yellow top post car battery valued at $150, a Silverado Craft car battery, valued at $70, a Rampage CD player, valued at $70, and an Aftermarket CD player, valued at $70. Braswell stated that he last observed his license plates on November 14th and noticed them missing on Saturday."

Officer Matt Holmes also took a report of a burglary and theft on Saturday at the residence of Ricky Turner on Foster Avenue.

The report states that " I met with Ricky Turner who advised me that someone had been in his residence while he was gone. He advised me that he left his residence at 7:00 a.m. on Friday and arrived home that evening at 4:50 p.m.. He first noticed a bowl containing loose change relocated in his house. The bowl was empty. Upon further investigation, he found that his 22 Marlin automatic rifle and digital camera were gone. Mr. Turner left the garage door open in the back but the door inside the residence was locked and looked to have been jimmied, opened by a screwdriver. The property was valued at $260."

28 year old Nelda J. Bandy of Potts Camp Road, Smithville was charged with a third offense of driving on a revoked license on Saturday. Her bond is $3,000 and her court date is December 6th.

41 year old Kimberly A. McIntyre of Dry Creek Road , Smithville was charged with public intoxication on Friday. Her bond is $1,000 and her court date is December 13th.

54 year old Lamar Theodore Redman was charged with domestic assault and three other counts of assault on Saturday.

According to Officer Joey Jones' report, "I arrested Redman for domestic assault on his wife at 713 Snow Street. While being processed at city hall by officer Tyler Wix and Jones, Redman stated he was having chest pains. Officer Wix called for an EMT to check him out. The EMT began asking him questions and he became beligerant and violent and knocked the EMT up against the wall, and grabbed officer Jones by the shirt trying to hit him. When he was placed up against the wall by Officers Jones and Wix, Redman got an arm free and hit officer Wix with his fist in the left eye causing redness and poked him in the right eye with his finger. Redman was taken to the floor, still unruly, and the officer was going to use mace, when Redman began cooperating with the officer."

Redman will be in court on the charge November 29th

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